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Martin Brands Childcare

Martin Brands passed away on 30 October 2017 at the age of 76.

We have come to know Martin very well in the past 15 years thanks to all the projects for the poorest people in Thailand we did together. His unbridled energy to motivate the right people again and again and his efforts to raise funds for these projects are very admirable. Of course he had a team of people to help him and we owe many thanks to them too.

His last project concerns a school for the children of the poor laborers from Cambodia and Myanmar who work on the construction sites in Pattaya. Their children are picked up from the "corrugated iron camps" in the morning to get lessons during the day and to play safely. They are returned to their parents in the evening.

If you want to visit this school, please contact us.

Foundation De Vaan Goosen has promised Martin in his last days to fully support this school for the next 5 years. The costs involved are initially for the account of Stichting de Vaan Goosen, but we can use your support to help these children very well.

Your contribution, however small, is greatly appreciated! On the site of Stichting De Vaan Goosen you will learn that all funds are 100% used for the projects, for the children.

You can transfer your contribution to the bank account number of Stichting de Vaan Goosen:
IBAN: NL 65 RABO 0104 3672 96



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